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Joellart      Based at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


My Inspiration... Recyled print media has inspired and consumed the focus of my intramural work for some time, which is mostly executed through media montage & digital arts. I grew up in a pre digital age and as a child my art form started with the seed of paper dolls, as I outgrew the kits I started to construct my own creations from paper & fibre, and art play which continued and developed into my out put today. I still play with paper imagery and each 2D piece is collaged with paper that is festidiously cut with fine scissors and blades and composed by hand, with occassional pen and ink, before it gets taken to digital suites - sometimes to merely transfer to the cyber realm, sometimes to keep creating digitally. Video is a favourite new digital toy. I love the creative tools and communication abilities afforded by modern technology, especially since my injury and moving to remote australian bushland. I am enamoured with & enchanted by the haute side of popular culture and tech.  I'm an avid upcycler and recycler in all mediums. I like to treasure hunt and am inspired/guided  by found objects and media. Ephemera. Story. Historia. Myth. Legend and Lore


Ephemera (ἐφήμερα) Greek/New Latin for ἐπί – epi "on, for" & ἡμέρα – hemera "day" with the ancient sense extending to short lived insects and flowers & for something which lasts a day or a short period of time.             I liken man made objects (paper & textiles my passion) to these insects and flowers, and love to creatively breathe new life into the discarded "every day things" to encapsulate the often missed beauty of the fads, the fleeting and evanescent in modern consumerist culture


I herald from an eclectic background in creative industries which lead to a career in education, community and care service programs that has enriched and expanded my personal creative arts practices. My creative journey has included... Fashion. Fabric Emporium, Window dressing. Contemporary Textiles Study. Textile printing. Arts (specialisation textiles) Interior design. Graphic Arts - Composition, Graphic Reproduction, Printing, Screen Printing. Costuming. Performance.  Event Decor. Sculpture. Installations Indoors & Outdoors.  Curating.  Event management.  Workshops.  Creative Recycling.  Education.  Community.   Holistic Health.       Arts / Diversional Therapy (Specialising in Youth, Mental Health, Differing Abilities, Cross Cultural Interchange and Community Cultural Development). My work in institutions and with marginalised folk, and as a being on the planet in the now, has fueled a passion for social and environmental justice & education. As a working holiday I worked in a record store for a spell which specialised in street art/supplies, street fashion, art and music books and memorabilia, and of course music - creating an even greater passion for incorporating musicability into my work by expanding into video. I have been working solely focused on my artistic expression due to an injury that affected my mobility the past few years and have realised the health benefits of creative therapy first hand. My belief and experience from studying, practicing & facilitating arts is that all can reap the benefits of creativity and expression. Whether making, or beholding & appreciating


I am acutely inspired by the joy in the beauty of the spirit, our natural surrounds, & our bio rhythmical connection. I am a fiend for themes in all mediums. I work tactilely in 3D - which I exhibit AKA Joie De Vivre,        I adore hanging 3D work outdoors in the elements, in environments incorporating lighting, sound and play.       Decor/textiles and collage/print pieces available for sale online at my joellarts etsy store

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