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A random audio visual mood board reflecting on 2020 thus far, starting for us in Oz with mother nature throwing fire storms, raising awareness of the earths cries... just as we sigh relief corona virus kicks off... watching the world heave for and in change. I started with art I'd created this year inspired by what was unfolding in space and time, here in it seems apt to reminisce favourite old tunes (Plaid, ever eternal) and older art of the old ways, the slow way... worshipping mother nature, understanding all is one - taking head of her upheaval & hence ours; connecting, protec/sting, evolving. The upheaval energy has seen me creatively in fallow state. This video is my digital processing procedure. *love* Plaid - 11- Safety in Solitude Tekkonkinkreet 2007 an apt title for lock down/quarantine era

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